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Bishop Freeman was called and raised up, as all of God’s servants are, “in due time”. Called out of his home town of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1973, where he was trained to be a Son by Van and Vera Nelson, Bishop Freeman sojourned in the “city of Brotherly Love” (Philadelphia, Pa.). Like Abraham, he was looking for a city that had foundations, whose builder and maker was God. Bishop Freeman, known as “Uhuru”, connected with the “Institute of African Learning”, an independent African-American shule’ (school), where he served as a teacher and mentor. The Institute fostered cultural enrichment, job training and entrepreneurial development, as a means of developing young, African-American males. He later participated with others to form the BVA, the Black Vendors Association which was instrumental in keeping vending alive in Philadelphia. Disillusioned by pride and the deception that comes from being a self-made man, he began searching for the truth... Within a few years, he was saved by Jesus Christ, while vending on 11th and Market, a Philadelphia landmark. The Lord persuaded him that he could be a “good soldier for Jesus Christ”. Being saved somewhat out of the box, wearing dread-locks, no denominational training, independent of denominational control, Bishop Freeman, was welcomed into True Light Community Ministries, a local independent work, pastored by Pastors Reid and Pamela Prettyman. Bishop Freeman served as a deacon, Elder, Ascension Gift of Teacher and then was ordained into the Gospel Ministry in 1986. By receiving his training in the local church, he knows the importance of the local church in the development of the believer. Called to penetrate and impact this generation with the Living Word of God and demonstrations of the Holy Ghost, he currently serves as Overseer of Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Church, Inc., headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bishop Freeman and Lady Robin Freeman currently reside in Willingboro, NJ.

On returning from a Pastor’s Conference, in January 1993, Bishop Freeman received an Apostolic call – “to build a strong “governing anointing” in the Northeast region of the USA. This anointing would have influence, as far west as, Detroit and Chicago”.

Upon hearing those words, Bishop Freeman began to share and speak to those close to him, what the Lord had said. It was not long, that Bishop Freeman became re-acquainted with Apostle Corletta Vaughn, of DETROIT, MI. Apostle Vaughn discerned the Apostolic Gifting in Bishop Freeman and invited him to the “School of Wisdom” Conference, sponsored by “Go Tell It Ministry Worldwide Network of Churches” (GTIMWNC). The next year, Bishop and Mrs. Freeman joined the ranks of GTIMWNC Fellowship and received mentoring from Apostle Vaughn. In June of 1999, the fifth year of being in the “Network”, Bishop Freeman was ordained as a National Presbyter, to the EASTERN REGION.

In year 2000, Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Church adopted and transitioned to a new structural designed called Cell Church. This new structure has allowed us to return to the primitive example of the church, to walk in apostolic footsteps and to be more conformed to the inspired model of the Lord’s Church. It has birth a new zeal in our hearts to allow nothing of this earth to come between our Living Head, the Lord Jesus Christ and us. It has also birth and demanded a new kind of leadership, while perfecting a new and better quality Believer.

Upon receiving the new mandate, pastors and church leaders were trained, while the new structures and designs were implemented in the Church. In March 2001, the first Satellite Church and two Branch Ministries were launched. In September 2001, three more Satellite Churches were launched into this eastern region. In March 2004, another satellite Church was launched.

The “WORD OF THE LORD” was, surely, coming to past. The “governing” or Apostolic Anointing was being built, the Eastern Region was being affected with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and influence was gaining, as far West as DETROIT – with Chicago on the horizon.

The Lord has spoken, at other times, saying, “PURSUE THE CALL AND I’LL BIRTH THE VISION”. So, as we have pursued the “calling of God”, He has “birth the vision” and has “manifested destiny in our lives”.

In July 2004, the Church moved into its Head-quartered facility, in the heart of North Philadelphia. Its new location at, 1801 N. 32nd St. has become a hub of activity in the community. Church growth is on the rise with expectations and projections of 1500 new members by year-end 2013 and 3000 members by year-end 2014.

Bishop Freeman was consecrated as a Bishop in the Lord’s Church in July 2005. This event marked an elevation of the church and congregants. With a Bishop as overseer, Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Church, Inc., now referred to as Spirit and Truth Worship Cathedral.

Bishop Michael J. Freeman and other local leaders have formed community partnerships and are in the planning stages to rebuild the “waste places” of North and West Philadelphia. Prophecy is being fulfilled as we “repair the breaches”; “raise up the foundations and former desolations”; “to repair the wasted cities, the desolations of many generations” (Isa. 58:12; 61:4). These organizations and partnerships will provide the tools and techniques for urban community recovery, renewal and revitalization.

By God’s Grace, he is clear of God’s vision, his mission, his objectives and goals and solicits your prayers for the implementation of these plans.

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